White Pattern Elastic Stretch Belt Womens Belts Mens Belts


Belt's approximate size: Length: 105cm(41.34''). Width: 3.5cm(1.38''). Approximate Waist Size: 80-84cm(31.5''-33.07'').

Material: Elastic fibers.

Great for both men & women alike.

Great with jeans, slacks, chinos or shorts.

This belt, with its weaved texture, is extremely comfortable.




Size:One size

Target Audience:Unisex


This classic elastic stretch belt is mainly made of elastic fibers. It has no holes on its body, so you can insert the pinhead into anywhere suitable. This fashionable classic belt, with its weaved texture and great elasticity, will give you comfortable feeling when you are wearing it. It is great with jeans, slacks, chinos or shorts and suitable for men or women. It's great for most occasions, so do not hesitate to get one! Color and pattern: As the picture shows.

Vendor: Landrithenterprises
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