Vintage Rope Closure Daisy Credit Card Holder Fold Small Card Pocket Pack for Women


Size: 10x8 cm (3.9" * 3.1"). 20 card slots.

Material: cotton.

Rope closure design, freedom to adjust the tightness. Easy to open and close, keep your cards and money safe.

It is enough for holding your daily cards, such as credit card, debit card, business card, ID card, etc.

The internal translucent anti-magnetic PVC card page makes it easy for you to find and read card information and quickly find the card you need.




Material Type:cotton

Size:10x8 cm


Carry your own piece of art on you with one of these unique and vibrant designs. This slim card holder is designed to carry some most frequently used credit cards, folded cash, IDs or driver license. With bright colors patterns on the surface. Manage your cards well, which helps you to find your any cards easier and faster. Do not take up much room in your purse. Ideal gift for your family members and friends.

Vendor: Landrith enterprises
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