Sable Hub iPhone 13 Case | Design Case with Hand Strap | Silicone Hard Case with Color Buttons


Design Case

Military Build

Colored Hand Strap

Flexible Case

Colored Buttons


Brand:Sable Hub


Product Description


The Sable Hub Handstrap Iphone case is a design case made of 100% Eco-friendly TPU material. The Hard case is a shockproof, anti fall case made of hard plastic that protects your phone against falls, bumps and hard knocks. The phone case features a hand strap and a hook. The strap is made of 2 flexible colored items that attached to a hock on the back of the phone cover.


- Camera Protection:
Our Phone cover features a raise rectangle around the back cameras of the phone, not just a square opening. Our design allows for individual lenses to be protected against dust, dirt or weather increments.


- Anti Fall Corner Bumps:
The four corner of the phone case feature an extra hard bump that protects the phone for falls, hits and drops.


- Colored Buttons:
Our Case comes with beautiful colored buttons that contrast with the color of your phone case, but match with the attached hand strap.


- Hand Straps:
The Iphone cover comes with a bicolor hand strap that matches the design of the phone case itself. Blue and Orange.


- Flexible Case:
The Phone case is hard, military built and very flexible, perfectly adapts and takes the shape of your iPhone for an ultimate protection.

Vendor: Landrith enterprises
Color: Blue Tile Design, Pink Mosaic