Outdoor Solar Garden Light Waterproof 7 LED Colorful Color Lawn Light Lily Fairy Lights Christmas Decoration Patio Lighting



1. Solar energy is automatically charged, and it will automatically turn on at night after sunlight during the day.
2. Durable,eco-friendly and reliable: no power cord required, no electricity cost, no conventional energy consumption; waterproof, corrosion proof and can work outdoors in rainy days
3. The beautiful lamp is made of ABS, carefully engraved and cute in shape.


Type: Solar Lawn Light
Protection level: IP65
Light source type: LED
Rated power: less than 5 (W)
Voltage: 1.2 (V)
Sunshine time: 6-8 (h)
Uses: Lighting decoration
Specifications: purple white light, white light, pink white light, purple color light, white color light, pink color light, a blue-white light, blue color light

Package Content:
1 x light



Weight(g): Blue Color light:230; Pink white 3pcs:690; Blue white light:230; Blue Color 2pcs:460; Pink white light:230; Purple Color 2pcs:369; Purple Color light:225; Pink Color 2pcs:460; White color:230; White white light:230; Pink Color light:230; White Color 2pcs:460; White White 2pcs:460; Pink white 2pcs:460; Blue white 2pcs:460; Purple white light:225; Purple white 2pcs:460.

Package Weight(g): Blue Color light:250; Pink white 3pcs:710; Blue white light:250; Blue Color 2pcs:480; Pink white light:250; Purple Color 2pcs:389; Purple Color light:250; Pink Color 2pcs:480; White color:250; White white light:250; Pink Color light:250; White Color 2pcs:480; White White 2pcs:480; Pink white 2pcs:480; Blue white 2pcs:480; Purple white light:250; Purple white 2pcs:480.

Package Size(mm): Blue Color light: 710*120*30; Pink white 3pcs: 710*120*50; Blue white light: 710*120*30; Blue Color 2pcs: 710*120*30; Pink white light: 710*120*30; Purple Color 2pcs: 710*120*30; Purple Color light: 710*120*30; Pink Color 2pcs: 710*120*30; White color: 710*120*30; White white light: 710*120*30; Pink Color light: 710*120*30; White Color 2pcs: 710*120*30; White White 2pcs: 710*120*30; Pink white 2pcs: 710*120*30; Blue white 2pcs: 710*120*30; Purple white light: 710*120*30; Purple white 2pcs: 710*120*30.

Vendor: Landrith enterprises
Color: Pink white 3pcs, Blue Color 2pcs, Pink Color 2pcs, White Color 2pcs, White White 2pcs, Pink white 2pcs, Blue white 2pcs, Purple white 2pcs, Purple Color 2pcs