Nutrition Sidekick Journal Volume 1


A nutrition tracker for all eating styles

Create a lifelong habit of eating like a human

Your very own nutrition coach


Brand:Habit Nest


The Nutrition Sidekick Journal


The Nutrition Sidekick Journal is your research-based book, journal, and coach all in one.

Fully customizable to work with ANY eating style.

Plan out what you want to eat each day, then record what you ACTUALLY ate to get held accountable.

New tips, mindsets, and challenges every day to ultimately get you HAPPY with your body and to stick with your plan.


‍ Science & Research-Based

The journal is built on a foundation of research behind both nutrition and habit-building. You'll not only learn what to do but also fully understand why.

Flexible to All Eating Styles

Keto? Vegan? Paleo? Intermittent Fasting? IIFYM? Calorie Counting? The journal not only shows you the pros/cons of each but is adaptable to all eating styles.

  Make Real, Lifelong Changes

The journal will not only show you how to get results quickly but guide you in maintaining these changes for the rest of your life. 

The journal is built by people who absolutely love food and work WITH you to find ways to help you eat what you love while still achieving your goals.


Our journals are built with a beautifully crafted 100% vegan cover that’s textured to the touch in a hearty, canvas-like material.

The inside pages are a buttery smooth 100 GSM that perfectly support fountain pens while keeping the journal light and portable.

Each journal in this series runs about 8.5" x 6.0' x 1.0' and fits easily in most bags. 


Vendor: Landrith enterprises
Pear Green: green