Mini Bliuetooth Wireless Thermal Printer Paper Sticker Label Printer


Print your best memories and make them last forever! 

Pocketprint is a compact printer specially developed to be able to print photos and texts with your smartphone by bluetooth.The best part?

It uses thermal printing which means it doesn't need any ink to print! It's faster, easier, more convenient and cheaper than any other form of printing! Download our free app for Android / IOS and print all your selfies and photos of precious moments with the push of a button!


Size: 79*42*79mm

Color:  White PInk Blue

Packing List

1.USB cable

2.User Manual




1. Wireless Connection

Connected to printer by Bluetooth, you can print anytime and anywhere

2. Printing What You Want

It can print photos, memorandum and records, the APP offers a variety of fonts and themes, makes your photo stylish


Feel the joy of remembering your best memories by printing them directly from your phone, in an instant!

4. No ink, no ribbon

THERMAL direct Printing, save hundreds of euros in renewing traditional ink cartridges.

5. Mini Size

Flowing and graceful model with ergonomic design and excellent grip for an easy hand taking, small and lightweight body, easy to carry.

Free APP (Peripage)

You can get a FREE APP named  Peripage  from Google Play or APP store

Weight(g): 304dpi-Pink: 160; Protective shell-Pink: 30; 6rolls-Default: 195; 3pc Sticker thermal paper-White: 104; 3pc Color thermal paper-Color: 65; 3pc White Thermal paper-White: 65; 3.6m 3 rolls set-A9 white: 120; 6pc thermal paper-Red: 500; 6.5m 3 rolls set-Grey: 120; 6.5m 3 rolls set-A9 white: 120; 6pc thermal paper-Blue: 436; 3 rollors set-A9 A3: 120; 6pc thermal paper-Pink: 500; Printer-Pink: 250; Printer-White: 229; 304dpi-White: 160; 3pcs thermal paper-Yellow: 100; 6pcs original paper-Pink: 500; 3.6m 3 rolls set-A9 color: 120; Printer-Blue: 250; Protective shell-Blue: 30; 304dpi-Blue: 160; 3pcs thermal paper-Blue: 100; 3pcs thermal paper-Pink: 100; Transparent-White shell: 100; Printer-Red: 200; 6pc thermal paper-Yellow: 500; Transparent-Pink shell: 100; 6pcs original paper-White: 500; 6pcs original paper-Blue: 500; 6pc thermal paper-White: 500.

Package Weight(g): 304dpi-Pink: 210; Protective shell-Pink: 50; 6rolls-Default: 215; 3pc Sticker thermal paper-White: 124; 3pc Color thermal paper-Color: 85; 3pc White Thermal paper-White: 85; 3.6m 3 rolls set-A9 white: 170; 6pc thermal paper-Red: 520; 6.5m 3 rolls set-Grey: 170; 6.5m 3 rolls set-A9 white: 170; 6pc thermal paper-Blue: 480; 3 rollors set-A9 A3: 170; 6pc thermal paper-Pink: 520; Printer-Pink: 280; Printer-White: 280; 304dpi-White: 210; 3pcs thermal paper-Yellow: 120; 6pcs original paper-Pink: 520; 3.6m 3 rolls set-A9 color: 170; Printer-Blue: 280; Protective shell-Blue: 50; 304dpi-Blue: 210; 3pcs thermal paper-Blue: 120; 3pcs thermal paper-Pink: 120; Transparent-White shell: 120; Printer-Red: 220; 6pc thermal paper-Yellow: 520; Transparent-Pink shell: 120; 6pcs original paper-White: 520; 6pcs original paper-Blue: 520; 6pc thermal paper-White: 520.

Package Size(mm): 304dpi-Pink:  200*150*50; Protective shell-Pink:  50*50*50; 6rolls-Default:  200*150*150; 3pc Sticker thermal paper-White:  200*50*60; 3pc Color thermal paper-Color:  200*50*60; 3pc White Thermal paper-White:  200*50*60; 3.6m 3 rolls set-A9 white:  200*150*100; 6pc thermal paper-Red:  200*150*150; 6.5m 3 rolls set-Grey:  200*150*100; 6.5m 3 rolls set-A9 white:  200*150*100; 6pc thermal paper-Blue:  200*150*150; 3 rollors set-A9 A3:  200*150*100; 6pc thermal paper-Pink:  200*150*150; Printer-Pink:  200*150*150; Printer-White:  200*150*150; 304dpi-White:  200*150*50; 3pcs thermal paper-Yellow:  200*150*150; 6pcs original paper-Pink:  200*150*150; 3.6m 3 rolls set-A9 color:  200*150*100; Printer-Blue:  200*150*150; Protective shell-Blue:  50*50*50; 304dpi-Blue:  200*150*50; 3pcs thermal paper-Blue:  200*150*150; 3pcs thermal paper-Pink:  200*150*150; Transparent-White shell:  200*150*150; Printer-Red:  200*150*150; 6pc thermal paper-Yellow:  200*150*150; Transparent-Pink shell:  200*150*150; 6pcs original paper-White:  200*150*150; 6pcs original paper-Blue:  200*150*150; 6pc thermal paper-White:  200*150*150.

Vendor: Landrith enterprises
Color: Blue, Pink, White, Red, Yellow
Model: Printer, 6pc thermal paper, 6pcs original paper, 304dpi