Mesh Strainer Tongs 2 in 1 Stainless Steel Oil Frying Filter Spoon Fry Tool Oil Skimmer with Clip Cooking Gadget Tool


COMPATIBILITY - Perfect frying/ cooking utensils, This is just what you need to make your kitchen cooking more easier. You can use this skimmer/ ladle for frying foods, potato chips, cakes, chicken legs and scoop up noodles, Spaetzle, Pasta, french fries, fish, vegetables, meats and more.

A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE - They can filter out the excess oil when you cook foods such as fried chicken,fries,etc,Making you healthier.

2-IN-1 KITCHEN TOOL - You can multitask: picking up the food while draining excess oil at once.

SUPERIOR STAINLESS STEEL - Made of high quality stainless steel.Dishwasher safe,antirust,and won't easily bend.Withstands heat without melting/deforming,ready to be your kitchen helper.

PROTECTIVE - The long handles can protect your hands from hot grease and oils. Firm grip tongs for easy food pick up. Time-saving oil draining.




Product Features:
1. Anti-rust, heat resistant, and durable.
2. One-sided filter is convenient to take out fried foods, oil drain.
3. On the other side has a delicate hollow out design.
4. It is a unique kitchen strainer tongs, can clip and hold food at the same time.
5. It firmly picks up food after frying while easily draining excess oil at once! Prevents oil splatter mess.

Product Parameters:
Material: Stainless steel
Size: 26 cm x 9 cm

Packing List:
1 x Mesh Strainer Tongs


Vendor: Landrith enterprises
Material: stainless steel