Home Baby Monitor 360 Degree Panoramic Wireless Wifi Car Head Shaking Machine


Product information:

Type: wireless camera
Style: head shaking machine
Horizontal resolution: 480 (TVL)
Resolution: 1280*960
Lens: 3.6 (mm)
Signal-to-noise ratio>: 48 (db)
Working temperature: -30-70 (℃)
Power supply voltage: 5 (V)
Weight: 0.6 kg
Alarm function: yidongze
material: plastic
Surveillance camera lens: WiFi surveillance camera
Lens focal length: 3.6mm
PTZ control: 355 degrees horizontally, 120 degrees vertical
Computer monitoring: mobile computer monitoring
Infrared light irradiation distance: 0-10 meters

1Style: 4G 1080P without card, without battery
2Style: 4G 1080P 32G card without battery
3Style: 4G 1080P 64G card without battery
4Style: 4G 1080P without card and battery
5Style: 4G 1080P 32G card with battery
6Style: 4G 1080P 64G card with battery
7Style: WIFI version 2 million without card
8Style: WIFI version 2 million + 32G
9Style: WIFI version 2 million + 64G
10Style: WIFI version 2 million + 128G
11Style: 4G1080P no card European version
12Style: 4G 1080P European version without card + battery


Packing list:


Weight(g): 1Style:380; 2Style:390; 3Style:400; 4Style:410; 5Style:420; 6Style:430; 7Style:440; 8Style:450; 9Style:460; 10Style:470; 11Style:480; 12Style:490.

Package Weight(g): 1Style:400; 2Style:410; 3Style:420; 4Style:430; 5Style:440; 6Style:450; 7Style:460; 8Style:470; 9Style:480; 10Style:490; 11Style:500; 12Style:510.

Package Size(mm): 205*195*145.

Vendor: Landrith enterprises
Color: 7Style, 8Style, 2Style, 6Style, 3Style, 4Style, 12Style, 5Style, 9Style, 10Style, 1Style, 11Style