Hanging Neck Portable Leafless Rechargeable USB Mini Fan


Hanging Neck Fan Portable Cooler Fan USB Leafless 360 Degree Neckband Fan Rechargeable mini fan1. Turbine port, semi-enclosed air intake, dustproof and sweatproof, bid farewell to dust accumulation2.The wind is higher: the fan sheets are all wrapped, and the hair will not be tangled. The new all-polymer lithium battery is safer.3. 360 degrees ring-shaped soft wind: three-speed wind speed adjustment4. Extremely optimized, no feeling, lighter than the weight of a mobile phone.5. The use of high-quality brushless motors and multi-stage air duct design can greatly reduce fan noiseProduct name: Leafless hanging neck fanWattage:5WRunning time:about 3 hoursInterface Type:USB-CSilicone stand, the width can be adjusted at will

Vendor: Landrith enterprises
Color: green, white, pink