G8082 Blu-ray Glasses 3P Sand Black + Transparent White + Leopard Color




Product Description:
[Glasses frame size] Lens width: 53MM, leg length: 140MM, nose bridge width: 18MM Blu-ray nerd glasses
[Anti-blue light lenses] Anti-blue light glasses can block 80%-90% of harmful blue light, while light yellow lenses can filter 100% of ultraviolet rays, alleviating our eyestrain, especially when you are working with mobile phones and computers
[Retro design] Anti-Blu-ray computer glasses have a good balance between the retro square frame and the sense of the future. They are very suitable for your life and work, especially for those who need to face the digital screen for 4-8 hours a day and sun like a computer. Sun workers, mobile readers, designers, gamers, school students, etc.
[Material glasses are made of lightweight PC frames and composite lenses, which have the characteristics of good wear resistance and low friction coefficient. So these glasses can protect our face and eyes from the damage caused by the frame and lens break

Vendor: Landrith enterprises
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