Electric Wrench Cordless Ratchet Rechargeable Scaffolding 90N.m Right Angle Wrench Tool With


1. Powerful Motor
90N.m large torque system, 260RPM speed, powerful power and effective protection against machine damage caused by excessive motor temperature.
2. R/F Positive and Negative Design
R/F positive and negative design, easy to disassemble.
3. 7800mAh Large Capacity Battery
Large capacity lith ium battery, easy charging and long battery life. It can be recharged within 60-80minuntes, and keeps super long working time about 80minuntes.
4. 3/8'' Square Head
3/8 manganese steel spindle. The metal balls are accurately clamped, and the sleeve can be removed without being removed.
5. 3cm Nose Width
The width of the nose is only 3CM, suitable for small space operation, electric pre-tightening and manual reinforcement.
6. LED Working Light Design
LED work light automatically lights up during work, making it easy to work in the dark
7. Wide Range of Uses
Truss installation, Wedding construction, car repair, mechanical maintenance.

Material: metal, plastic
Voltage: 18V
Color: blue, red
Plug: National Standard
Input: 110-240V 50 / 60Hz
Maximum torque: 90N.m
No-load speed: 230RPM
Battery capacity: 7800mAh
Speed: 260RPM
Battery voltage: 42V
Size: 5x7.5x31.5cm

Package Content

1 x Right Angle Wrench Ratchet
1 x US Plug Charger (We will send you the suitable adapter according to your location)
1 / 2 x Lithium Ion Battery
1 x User Manual


Weight(g): 42VBlue-UK-1 battery:1369; Blue-EU-2 battery:1600; 42VBlue-AU-1 battery:1300; Blue-US-1 battery:1300; Blue-EU-1 battery:1300; Blue-AU-1 battery:1300; 42VBlue-US-1 battery:1300; 42VBlue-EU-2 battery:1600; Blue-UK-2 battery:1600; Blue-US-2 battery:1600; 42VBlue-US-2 battery:1600; Blue-UK-1 battery:1300; 42VBlue-UK-2 battery:1600; 42VBlue-AU-2 battery:1600; Blue-AU-2 battery:1600; 42VBlue-EU-1 battery:1300.

Package Weight(g): 42VBlue-UK-1 battery:1419; Blue-EU-2 battery:1650; 42VBlue-AU-1 battery:1350; Blue-US-1 battery:1350; Blue-EU-1 battery:1350; Blue-AU-1 battery:1350; 42VBlue-US-1 battery:1350; 42VBlue-EU-2 battery:1650; Blue-UK-2 battery:1650; Blue-US-2 battery:1650; 42VBlue-US-2 battery:1650; Blue-UK-1 battery:1350; 42VBlue-UK-2 battery:1650; 42VBlue-AU-2 battery:1650; Blue-AU-2 battery:1650; 42VBlue-EU-1 battery:1350.

Package Size(mm): 100*100*330.

Vendor: Landrith enterprises
Color: 42VBlue, Blue
Style-Model: EU-2 battery, US-2 battery, UK-2 battery, AU-2 battery, UK-1 battery, AU-1 battery, US-1 battery, EU-1 battery