Cat's Wooden House Indoor Feline Condo Toilet Litter Box Hideaway Beside Table Nightstand XH



[Multipurpose Design]Consisting of a feline litter box and an upper open shelf. Serving as an end table or nightstand while functioning as a cat house or a cat toilet.

[Elaborate Appearance]The surface is polished and sprayed with paint both inside and outside. Elegant retro style suits your room decor and home furniture.

[Smell Control]4 rectangular vents on the side boards to keep fresh air in. Smells would not accumulate, which is good to contain a litter box or serve as a napping room.

[Easy Cleaning]The front panel with an arched door cut-out can be opened for regular tidying. You can pave a cushion in or replace cat litter conveniently.

[SimpleAssembling]Every part is clearly indicated in the instruction manual and every installing step is introduced detailed as well. No worries about assembling at all.



Main Material: P2 Particle Board

Color: Black/Brown

Overall Dimensions: 20.87"L x20"W x 25.39"H

Door Panel: 18.19" x 17.60"

Arched Entrance: 8.15" x 7.13"

Vent: 4.53"W x 2.44"H

Bottom Plate: 18.31" x 20"

Top Board Thickness: 0.71"

Shelf Clearance: 4.37"

Load Capacity: 66lbs

Net Weight: 26.46lbs

Vendor: Landrith enterprises
Color: black, brown