Cat Water Fountain with Wireless Pump, [Separation of Water and Electricity] [99.99% Safe and Clean] Automatic Cat Fountain, Smart Modes, Easy to Clean, Ultra Quiet Pet Water Fountain -KITPLUS


[Separation of Water and Electricity]The water fountain consists of a charging base (which needs to be connected to a power supply) and a main unit. It utilizes a design that separates USB power supply device from the drinking water device to achieve the effect of separation of water and electricity. This innovative technology effectively solves most of the safety hazards and is the perfect choice for your pet's drinking water safety.

[3 Smart Modes]Modes can be switched by a button. In normal mode, the water can be kept circulating. The fountain design that cats like is matched with a large transparent drinking tray, which creates an atmosphere of drinking the living water of the forest. In smart mode, it is set to 5 minutes of water circulation and then 10 minutes of rest, which is a power-saving mode for long-termism. When the water level is too low, it will automatically turn on the red light to remind you to add water.

[99.99% Safe and Clean] Layer 1, the activated carbon PP filter sponge effectively absorbs small particles of dust and hair in the air. Layer 2, the upgraded patented filter is made of safe hard material and the surface is covered with dense holes, which can completely filter the visible particles. Layer 3, exclusive physical filtration technology can effectively clean all invisible dirt. Layer 4, the filter sponge can filter the dust left in the water tank or missed by the water circulation

[Elevated and Stable]The elevated design is definitely the first choice for families who advocate to protect the spine, and is also very friendly for older pets or furry babies with broken and injured legs. It is high enough to not need to bow. The non-slip base is specially designed for naughty kittens or puppies, and the golden cylindrical design also increases the stability, so you don’t worry about that the drinking fountain being pushed by pets.

[Easy to Clean]The MAIN body can be easily picked up from the base. The wireless pump is different from the traditional wired pump. The pump can be cleaned by picking it up without removing any wires. With the simple design, your cleaning process becomes very simple.

Maximum Capacity Tips

The maximum water volume scale line prompt is mainly to prevent water overflow caused by adding too much water. The capacity of the water tank can provide an adult cat with 3-5 days of drinking. The capacity of the water tank is 1.2L/ 42 oz. After a lot of water quality testing experiments, it is found that adding water every 3-5 days can effectively keep the water healthy. For pets to drink healthy water, veterinarians recommend cleaning the tank every 3-5 days.

Replaceable Filter *2

In order to give you a better shopping experience, each product comes with an additional filter replacement, which is equivalent to you will get two filters. Why are we doing this? Because the pursuit of the ultimate customer experience and product experience is our purpose.

Water Low-level Warning

The low water level reminder is an additional user-friendly setting we have added. As a family member of pets, it is often difficult to tell whether there is water in the water tank when using other cat fountains, even if the water tank is transparent. To solve this confusion, we set up a red light that is easier to notice instead of the laborious task of distinguishing.


Wire Collection Design

The additional card slot design not only facilitates the collection of wires and keeps them tidy, but also provides a stable and secure 'home' for the power interface.

Cleaning Upgrades

Exclusive upgraded cleaning method to effectively clean some invisible dirt.

Extra Large Drinking Tray

Large opening design, pets of various face shapes can drink without hindrance, and big-faced cats are friendly.

Vendor: Landrith enterprises
Color: White