Bear DFH-B10T6 Self Heated Lunch Box, Leakproof Plug-in Lunch Box, with Keep Warm Function, 120V, Pink


Multifunctional steamer

Controlled by a microcomputer

Larger capacity

304 stainless steel marterial

Free shipping





1. It is suitable for steamed rice, steamed vegetables, steamed eggs, water eggs, hot meals, hot buns, milk, etc.

2. It can be controlled by a microcomputer, and 9.5 hours can be reserved for cooking without delaying your work and lunch.

3. It has a square double liner configuration, which can be vacuum preserved and intelligently insulated, allowing you to eat fresh rice every day.

4. The double-layer inner tank has a total capacity of 1L, which is suitable for girls to use, just one lunch serving, easy to manage your figure.

5. It is made of 304 stainless steel and has a separate design. It can not mix juice and taste, making you eat nutritious and delicious.

6. It contains 1.36Kg, very mini and lightweight, so you can easily go out with it in your hand.

7. Free shipping to 48 US state

Tips: This electric lunch box needs to be plugged in to use!

Vendor: Landrith enterprises
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