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Egg bite molds are made of premium food grade silicone. It is suitable for oven, pressure cooker, microwave and storage food in freezer,also you can use it with sous vide cooler. Remember to wash it carefully with dish soap before using it.

You can use silicone egg bites molds to baking, egg bites, egg muffins, steamed eggs, Yogurt, Cupcakes, or make ice cream in Summer. It also can be a food storage container. Great for freezing baby food.

The lid is very strong and clasps to each individual curve on the outside so it doesn't leak and each individual mold on the top so that food cannot escape within the compartments. Also can freeze food without having to cover it with cling film that will easily come off.

It is flexible enough to easily pop the food out of each hole, not needing to defrost the whole thing,and the smell of the food does not stay on the molds. Dishwasher safe or just wash it in the tap running water.

Each cavity diameter is 1.96in. Deep so you can put more food in it. Capacity of each cube is approximately 2.3 ounces. 7 Portions Freezer Tray with Lid well protect the original taste of food when it use on IP. Freezer Tray can be used in the microwave and oven (up to 425 F).




THE PERFECT INSTANT POT ACCESSORY! baking, egg bites, egg muffins, steamed eggs, yogurt, cupcakes ,or make ice cream in summer. It also can be a food storage container,great for freezing baby food.Saving time and keep the original taste of food.


Egg Bite Molds


Size: 8.3 inches diameter


7 individual 2.3 oz portions to make egg bites


fits for 5,6,8 qt pressure cooker


Material: made from high quality food grade silicone with a lid which made of polypropylene plastic.


High Confinement: plastic lid can isolate the bacteria in the air and seal tightly to protect fresh original taste of food.


The non-stick flexible silicone and the wider, round cubes enables you to release portions individually or as many as you need without disturbing the other cubes.


Vendor: Landrith enterprises
Color: blue