2016 AliExpress new boho print home tapestry wall hanging wall decoration beach towel beach blanket


Material Polyester (Polyester)
Main component of fabric Polyester (polyester)
The main component content of the fabric is 100%
Fabric sub-component polyester fiber (polyester)
Fabric sub-component content 100
Style animal pattern
Process machine weaving

Weight(g): 150x130cm:215; 150x100cm:160; 150x130cm thick:330; 150x100cm thick:255; 150x230cm thick:580; 150x230cm:300.

Package Weight(g): 150x130cm:245; 150x100cm:190; 150x130cm thick:350; 150x100cm thick:275; 150x230cm thick:600; 150x230cm:330.

Vendor: Landrith enterprises
Size: 150x230cm thick